Hecho en Mexico

It is common knowledge that Juan-Pierre, our fire hydrant mascot, is French Canadian-Mexican. Strangley though, there has been little other Googly Eye presence in Mexico.. until now! ¡A huevo!

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Montreal, Quebec!

Team Googly Eye Cru just got back from one of our favorite cities, Montreal!  We left some googlies to keep an eye on things after we left (o)(o)

We love this fire hydrant!

The annual graffiti event in Montreal, Under Pressure, was set to take place the weekend we left.. bummed we missed it.

But we heard how some Chevy car campaign used some of the previous Under Pressure murals in one of their ad campaigns. The Googly Eye Cru took up solidarity with the artists..

Au Revoir Montreal. We love you!

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The Other Portland

The Googly Eye Cru said hello to Portland, Maine the other day and got a lobster roll. Hello Mainers!

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