The Adventures of Juan-Pierre

It is no mystery that the Googly Eye Cru loves animating fire hydrants.  Well one particular fire hydrant that we put stickers on mysteriously blinked to life and started following us wherever we went. Thus was born Juan-Pierre, the official mascot of the Googly Eye Cru.  Having been born in Mexico and raised in New York and New Hampshire (close to the Canadian border) Juan-Pierre has very eclectic tastes and a flair for travel.  He goes everywhere (and sometimes other places) the Googly Eye Cru goes. He is our official eyes and ears when we need a lookout.  He loves sight seeing and being in front of the camera. Although we’ve yet to witness it, it is reported that Juan-Pierre loves tequila and poutine.. together.

Watch out!  You might see Juan-Pierre in your town soon!

More adventures to come!